Why You Shouldn’t Adopt a Pet

It’s hard to explain the way your heart drops when witnessing the loss of a family member. Tash and I had taken our own beloved pussy cat to the vets, and there we became audience to a family in tears.

A family of five, all in the waiting room, amongst broken paws and sore teeth. In their arms was a beloved old dog. Sad, docile, and slow. He was there to move on. Doggy heaven some call it.

We found out that the brave little man had been with the family over fifteen years. He’d been there to raise the daughter of the family for the majority of her life. And judging from appearance, the entirety of the two young boy’s lives.

When the thought of rescuing an animal comes knocking, you’ve got to take into consideration that you are likely to outlive this animal. Could you handle losing a loved one? Someone you’d have most of your happiest memories with.

But that’s just it.

They will bring you some of your happiest memories.

When we first got our old cat, Gordon, within the first month we’d laughed and even cried.

The first time we let him venture out into the big wide world, he didn’t come home. We spent hours and hours calling his name. We would shine torches into gardens looking like nosey neighbours. Walking round the nearby streets in the chilling wind and drizzle. Knocking on the neighbours doors.

This only lasted two days, however those two days felt like an eternity. As a pair, me and Tash became so sad. We’d stare at his empty bed wondering where he was. The sound of a bell would excite me and he doesn’t even wear a collar!

We had reports of a cat fitting the description of Gordon behind a car park nearby. Of course we went and investigated. And just as we were giving up and about to return home, we saw a white and ginger cat – Gordon!!

He came running toward us. He knew it was Mummy and Daddy. It was such a relief to know our baby would soon be home. However, as the cat got closer and closer, our relief dissolved into heartbreak. This cat was the spitting image of our Gordon. But it was not him. It was an imposter. A doppelgänger. After giving the stunt double a couple of treats, we wondered home. Wondered home, crippled and hurt.

It was only 48 hours. Yet, 48 hours was a lifetime to us.

Of course, to those of you who know cats, Gordon came waltzing home as though nothing had happened.

‘Why so glum?’ he would have asked if he could.

Fortunately for us overprotective parents, turns out Gordon doesn’t like the outside much. He much prefers to be warm inside, snuggled behind our legs on the sofa or in bed.

Photo of Gordon the cat just chilling.

The point of these two stories is to hopefully make your realise that pets are not commodities. They are not material items that you can throw away when they no longer fit your needs. To be blunt and truthfully honest, if you’re not going to love your new family member with all your heart, then don’t bother.

We didn’t adopt Gordon for our own selfish gain. We didn’t care whether he was loving or preferred to isolate himself. All we wanted was to give him a home. We wanted him to feel safe and have the happiest life he could possibly have. And as for giving him love, that’s the easy part.

After plenty of kisses and cuddles, bites and scratches, we wouldn’t change a thing.

RSPCA rescued over 850 pets in June alone last year! Today, every 8 minutes abandoned and abused animal’s are taken into care.

Remember adopt don’t shop.

Shopping encourages breeding and leads to more and more pets being left unloved and cast aside.

If you know you can love this animal unconditionally. You can treat them with care and affection for the rest of their life. Then go out, rescue, and change an animal’s life forever.

It’s only been a few months and Gordon has already permanently embedded himself in our lives. We even sign his paw on birthday cards.

Already adopted? Let me know your baby’s origin story, and how they’ve changed your life, in the comments section below.


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