Why So Against Fluoride?

When first going vegan, of course I started to cull my bathroom products. Used them up and was slowly building my bathroom back up with natural and vegan products instead.

So as expected, I went straight to natural fluoride-free toothpaste. It’s what everyone else online seemed to be using. All these warning signs about fluoride being dangerous, of course I chose not to use it. What could be the harm right?

Now, I’m not wanting to start a war on this topic, I’m just explaining my side of this fluoride debate. Fluoride-free did more damage than good for me. Maybe everyone is different, but for me my teeth ended up worse. I never had bad teeth, it’s always something I’ve been particularly OCD about. However, when using these FF toothpastes, I began to get really bad tooth ache, and sensitivity. Something I’ve never had burden me before.

I spoke to my dentist about this and I got a stern telling off! Turns out, I needed four fillings! But how? I thought fluoride was bad. As a fellow eco-warrior himself, he told me that the fluoride is there to prevent cavities. It’s bad in very HIGH doses, yes, but in your toothpaste, no. He specifically said,

‘If fluoride is so dangerous, why would I allow my kids to use it?’

To that I had no retort.

Not only that, living in Hull, our water is that of the hardest. It has all the minerals in it, it’s not filtered. We drink it everyday, filled with fluoride, so why am I scared to brush my teeth with it?

So now I’m back to using that dangerous stuff. But I still find natural and cruelty-free toothpaste. I’m currently using The Humble Co‘s charcoal toothpaste, as well as the occasional BOOM! tablet from Lush. My teeth are back in good health, and my sensitivity is gone.

As well as that, both me and Tash have our cute matching Humble toothbrushes. Once they need replacing, we just recycle the bristles and compost the body.

So you are aware, this is not a sponsored post. It’s just if I believe in a product, I believe they should be recognised. If you’re looking for new toothpastes, or a more eco-friendly brush, check them out.

What’s your opinion on the fluoride debate? Do you use it, or do you not? I’d love to hear your reasons.


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