Be The King of Your Own World

No matter what happens in life, you are a king.

My friend Ste and I are very big on bro-ing out together. We talk to each other on a deep level, we talk all things philosophical, motivational, and even emotional. You know, all the things guys like to pretend they don’t want to talk about. We text each other about our daily goals, even if that goal is just housework. Whenever we have a conversation, something inspirational always comes along. And many a time, I’ve even suggested, jokingly (but with serious intent), that we should write a motivation/mental health book.

But the point of this is one of our key phrases we like to tell each other, and ourselves, to remind us the power every individual has over their own lives.

YOU are the King of your OWN world.

We love to live by it. And I am going to give the credit to Ste here, because he’s the one who first told me that I am a King. But what does this mean exactly?

Being a King (or Queen for that matter) is not about world domination, but it’s about a different kind of domination, it’s all about owning what it is you do. Own everything that you do in life.

It’s not so much arrogance, however it’s about looking at yourself in the mirror and giving yourself value. Realise your own importance in your life. To others, you could be a nobody. Most people in this world won’t even know who you are, you are only but an extra in their version of their life movie. But, you are you. You see everything through your eyes. It’s your emotions you feel. Everything you do is you! You are the boss in this fairytale of life.

It’s an idea that allows yourself to become self-absorbed for the better. As an act of self love. Don’t let other people’s opinions get you down, they don’t matter. Don’t be a people pleaser. Don’t do things you don’t want to do. Don’t waste time. And most of all, do not doubt yourself. After all, it’s you who is the king of your own world.

The good thing about this way of thinking is the energy it can pass on to others. There have been times in which work associates have asked Ste, ‘Why are you so happy?’ during occasions he should be quite the opposite. His only response,

‘Because I am a King.’

When you tell others that they can be too, it works as a motivator. Honestly, try telling your friends that they are kings. And more importantly, at least once a day, try telling yourself that. Point at yourself in the mirror if you have to.

As Ste himself puts it,

‘It’s not about me being a King in everyone’s world, but only my own. And then, letting that dissipate into the real world.’

Positive energy brings positive energy.

Yeah sure, you may come off as a little crazy at times, but who truly cares when you’re the one bouncing around with motivation. People question your happiness, why? Because they don’t understand it, because they are not happy.

Both Ste and myself have had our extremely low points, but quite frankly, hearing those words, ‘you are a king’ brings an instant happiness and excitement about life.

So go ahead, put on your crown and deem yourself as royalty.

Because you are a king.


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  1. Sarah
    October 4, 2018 / 9:15 pm

    Love this, I’m the queen of my world 🙂

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