I am an award winning cinematographer and designer. Well, that’s just some of the awards I earned at school anyway.

Growing up I never knew what I wanted to do with my life, but I always had this ability to create. Constantly, I would watch films, read books, play games, but when that had finished I was empty.

I wanted more.

From around the age of five, when the ending to a video game didn’t fill my desire, I started writing. Taking away that moment, I would begin to write what happens after the game had come to its final crescendo. With every piece of media that I indulged and digested I would expand on the narrative.

Sadly, adulthood came like a meteor and pulverised this obsession.

N.O.M.I.O. to me is an excuse to start again. To keep writing. It could be about anything. The majority of pages you will find on here are life essays on all ideas important to me. With topics covered such minimalism, wellbeing, mindfulness, photography and veganism.

Thank you for taking even a second from your day to read this. Consequently, I hope you can take something away with you when you leave.